Info for Authors of Oral Presentations

Please find below some practical information regarding your contribution to the Conference:

Before the session

  • All speakers need to register to the conference following the online procedure, creating an account and using in case registration codes provided by the conference secretariat.
  • Remember to bring your presentation with you in an USB pen drive (power point or pdf format). For Mac user we strongly suggest to bring a pdf version of the file.
  • Conference staff will be available in the session room to upload your presentation and introduce you to the session chairs. Please ensure your file is uploaded before the beginning of the session.
  • English is the official language of the Conference.
  • Refer to the online program for information on timing and duration of your talk. Timing of talks include time for brief questions from the audience.
  • The Conference Handbook with the short summary of oral and posters presentations will be distributed at the conference.
  • For any urgent matter regarding your talk during the conference you can refer to (though email reading during the conference may be done with some delay). The number of a specific mobile phone will be sent to you by email.

During the Session

  • Due to the tight agenda of oral and poster presentations, all speakers are requested to follow chairs indications and respect the duration reported in the program for their talk. Timing of talks include time for brief questions from the audience.
  • We suggest you to plan a speech 2-3 minutes shorter than the scheduled time, to give appropriate room to questions and answers (Q&A).
  • Chairs might decide for a different setting of Q&A, within the planned times.

After the Session

  • Slides are generally published in the conference website (restricted area only for the delegates). Of course, you will be informed in due time about the plans for publication and you will have the possibility to change your slides or refuse publication. We appreciate if you can inform us in advance in case of any issue regarding publication of your slides.