Info for Authors of Poster

Before the session

  • All poster authors have to be registered to the Conference following the online procedure, using login and/or registration codes provided by the Conference Secretariat.
  • The Conference Handbook with the short summary of oral and posters presentations will be distributed at the Conference. Only confirmed posters will be included.
  • The full abstracts of the oral and poster contribution will be uploaded on the webpage of the online proceeding of the Conference (just before the event): you will be able to browse online the short summary and full abstracts of the other authors of your session, as well as all Conference oral and poster presentations. The webpage will be available shortly at:

During the session

  • Posters will be displayed in the main Conference Hall (same place of coffee breaks, lunch, exhibiton)
  • Poster sessions will be open all the day during the event. Coffee breaks, lunch and end of the oral sessions it is when most of delegates are expected to visit the posters. Authors are free to decide wheter and when to be present at the poster stand
  • The poster must be in English and have the max. following dimensions: 70 cm (width) x 100 cm (height)
  • Refer to the final poster program for information on the day/days when your poster is expected to be displayed and the poster code number
  • Each poster has a code number. Poster stands will be numbered as indicated in the final poster programme. Refer to your poster number to identify your place.
  • The Conference Hall will be open from 8.30 until 19.00 on Wednesday, 25th and Thursday, 26th; until 17.00 on Friday, 27th.
  • Logo and banner of the Conference are available on the webpage Delegate Kit

After the session

  • The authors are responsible to bring and place their poster on the stand at the beginning of the Conference and to remove it at the end of the event. Poster left on the stands will be thrown away at the end of the Conference.