AIRI is a private, not-for profit, association funded in 1974 to promote industrial Research and Innovation in Italy and to enhance co-operation between the private and public sector. AIRI is a key opinion leader for decision-makers sustaining industrial research as strategy for the technological development of the Country. In 2003 AIRI has created AIRI/Nanotec IT, a technological division with the aim to promote nanotechnologies and, since 2014, the Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and their industrial applications. Main areas of activity within the KETs theme are: assess R&I trends and applications; evaluate KETs for the national industry; informing decision-makers on R&I policies; monitor regulation, safety, social and ethical impacts; foster stakeholders’ dialogue; promote public-private cooperation; disseminate information on R&I. The Association operates at national and international level, organizing and participating to projects, working groups, multistakeholder dialogues and conferences, in order to support and stimulate Research & Innovation activities of its members. Promoting Responsible Research and Innovation is one of its main institutional duty.

Asylum Research
Asylum Research is the technology leader in atomic force probe microscopy (AFM) for both materials and bioscience applications. The new MFP-3D Infinity with higher performance as well as blueDrive™, the new photothermal excitation option for Cypher™ AFMs that reinvents tapping mode, make the Asylum AFMs the best choice for applications including polymers, nanomechanics, coating uniformity and roughness, piezoelectrics and ferroelectrics, photovoltaics and batteries, micro and nanoelectronics, and biomaterials. Asylum Research MFP-3D and Cypher family gives you the superior performance, versatility and unmatched support of Asylum application and technical team.

Logo CNR
The CNR DSCTM – Department of Chemical Science and Materials Technology identify in the “Chemical Manufacturing & Advanced Materials Technology”  the focal point of its research activity, performed by its 14 institutes spread all over the whole country and employing more then 850 staff members. Main activities are developed on three research platforms: Sustainable Chemistry; Advanced Materials and Key Enabling Technolgies; Nanomedicine. The previous platforms are trasversal within different industrial sectors, covering different aspects of research activities: from basic research to applied research in order to achieve the goals of the societal challenges we are facing.

The CNR DSFTM – Department of Physical Science and Materials Technology consists of 12 Institutes with more than 40 laboratories throughout the country and employing 1.200 staff members. The combination of frontier research, a multidisciplinary approach with the focus to the actual applications development, frequently provide answers to the big challenges in order to boost competitiveness. DSFTM proposes itself as an hub and reference, at national and international level, for the development of Optics, Atomic and Molecular Physics , Condensed Matter, Biomaterials, Complex Systems, Biophysics, Soft Matter and Materials Science, with a particular focus in the development of advanced materials and the design and construction of devices, sensors and equipments.

EV Group Exhibitor
EV Group (EVG) is a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for the manufacture of semiconductors, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), compound semiconductors, power devices, and nanotechnology devices. Key products include wafer bonding, thin-wafer processing, lithography/nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and metrology equipment, as well as photoresist coaters, cleaners and inspection systems. Founded in 1980, EV Group services and supports an elaborate network of global customers and partners all over the world.


Bruno Kessler Foundation - CNM

FBK-CMM is an applied Research Centre that combines scientific ex­cellence with the ability to exploit research outcomes and results within national and international networks, aiming at optimizing the expertise through open innovation. It develops innovative solutions in the fields of materials, microsystems, renew­able energy and environment. It accounts for 140 Researchers and Technicians and operates large scales facilities for research and product industrialization including a Microfabrication Area (ISO 4-5, ISO 9001), as well as the chemical-physical and analytical laboratory for micro & nano material characterization (ISO/IEC 17025:2005).


The ICE-Italian Trade Promotion Agency is the government organisation which promotes the internationalisation of the Italian companies. ICE provides information, support and advice to Italian and foreign companies.  ICE operates worldwide from a large network of Trade Promotion Offices linked to Italian embassies and consulates and working closely with local authorities and businesses. ICE provides a wide range of services overseas helping Italian and foreign businesses to connect with each other: identification of possible business partners, bilateral trade meetings with Italian companies. trade delegation visits to Italy, official participation in local fairs and exhibitions, forums and seminars with Italian experts.

www.ice.gov.it | www.italtrade.com | cooperazione@ice.it



The mission of the Center for Space Human Robotics (CSHR@PoliTo – Istituto italiano di Tecnologia) is to study, design and realize demonstrators for the future generation of materials, processes and components for space human robotics, where locomotion and manipulation, sensing and perception, intelligence and communication with humans are the basic requirements. The development of these basic functions needs technologies applied to structural and functional components combined to compact and flexible energy supply systems. These novel technologies can also be fruitfully used in terrestrial robotic systems and in several industrial applications.


On the 1st January 2006, the Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale “Galileo Ferraris” (IEN) and the Istituto di Metrologia “Gustavo Colonnetti” (IMGC) merged to establish the Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (I.N.RI.M.). INRIM is the national public body with the task of carrying out and promoting scientific research in metrology. With the handover of the tasks of primary metrology institute previously assigned to IMGC and the IEN, INRIM has become the focus of most scientific metrology activities in Italy (except for the field of ionising radiation, where ENEA-INMRI maintains its role). Its research activities in measurement science, materials science and innovative technologies are recognized at world-wide level.
INRIM carries out studies and researches on the realization of primary standards for the basic and derived units of the International System of units (SI), assures the maintenance of such standards, their international comparison and in general provides measurements traceability to the SI. In addition to physical and engineering metrology, its main R&D areas are in fundamental physical constants, materials, metrology for chemistry, nanotechnology, innovation, quantum information and artificial vision.

Jeol is a leading global supplier of scientific instruments used for research and development in the fields of nanotechnology, life sciences, optical communication, forensics, and biotechnology. Utilizing its unique technologies, products, services, and knowledge, JEOL helps its customers make significant breakthroughs in product development and scientific research. JEOL products range from scientific instrumentation to industrial equipment including Scanning electron microscopes (SEM), Transmission electron microscopes (TEM), Auger micro probe analyzers (AES), Electron probe micro analyzers (EPMA), Photoelectron spectrometers (XPS), Mass spectrometers, NMR spectrometers, Electron spin resonance, and semiconductor tools. JEOL (ITALIA) S.p.A. ensure both commercial and service assistance of JEOL instruments installed on the Italian territory thanks to highly organized and specialized structure.


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Micromeritics Srl is committed in promoting and selling in Italy, in demoing, in the analytical support and in the assistance of all the laboratory instruments manufactured by Micromeritics USA: DLS nanoparticle size distribution analyzers having the ability to determine the zeta potential, too. Particle size analyzers for the investigation of micrometric particles, out of which laser particle size analyzers, particle counter and sizer, shape analyzers, analyzers based on the gravitational sedimentation technique, Pycnometers suitable to determining either the true density and the envelope density, BET surface area analyzers, gas and mercury intrusion porosimeters.


Nanoscribe sets new benchmarks for microfabrication. Their integral approach combines adisruptive 3D printing technology with user-friendly software and innovative materials leading to reproducible and lean processes. Their customers are innovators. They overcome prevailing technological boarders and serve a broad spectrum of applications in science and in emerging markets.


Schaefer-Tec distributes in Europe since 1963 rigorously selected SME suppliers of characterization technologies for Nano-Sciences. After having successfully marketed Vacuum and Cryogenics technologies for many years, with the availability of commercial Scanning Probe Microscopies, our company established itself as a leading supplier of nanoscale characterization technologies in the nineties, then grew into a pan-European network in the 2000s. Schaefer-Tec offices are located in: Germany (since 1963), Switzerland, France, Italy, Romania, Poland. Nowadays our nanotechnology instrumentation portfolio comprises: single cell manipulation and force-controlled nano-pipetting, nanoparticles characterization as well as nanoparticles prototyping tools for nanomedicine, nanomechanical testers for operation in air or in situ, optical profilers and optical 3D microscopes, SPM microscopes for operation in air, vacuum or ambients and related accessories.

Teltec is Europe’s leading Semiconductors and Nanotechnology partner for equipments and materials distribution. Since Teltec’s foundation in 1983, the company has been offering a superior product portfolio and field service support throughout whole Europe. Teltec offers its complete suite of Sales and After Sales Support with one single organization using the knowhow of about 80 professionals. Main Equipment Partnership: Picosun (ALD systems), N&K Technology Inc (This film and CD measurements)., CDE ResMap (Resistivity mapping), ECI Technology (Chemical monitoring) and many other… Main Materials Partnership: Gel-Pak (Handling of fragile devices) , Nitto Denko ( Graphene esfoliation & Tapes), PalBam (Clean room forniture) , Poco Graphite (Graphite parts) and many others.


TRIPODE – The Public-Private Laboratory on the “Development of research technologies for the integration of polymers in electronic devices” TRIPODE is a research project funded by the Italian Operative Program “Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013” (PON R&C – www.ponrec.it) for Convergence Regions, with the aim to strengthen an already existing public private laboratory. TRIPODE project has a duration of 3 years, starting from June 2012, and is coordinated by ENEA. Partners of the public private laboratory are: University of Salerno, companies such as BTP Tecno, FOS, SESMAT, AET and Fondazione FORMIT. The aim of the former TRIPODE laboratory was to develop low-cost integration technologies of new semi-conductive materials, above all polymers, into devices and circuits for electronic and sensor applications. The consolidation of the existing public-private laboratory has the aim to realize an integrated plan for developing eco-friendly and adaptable material technologies – since they are produced at a low temperature and can only be printed at request – and autonomous products to be easily integrated – since it is possible to deposit them on different type of materials and on flexible and thin supports, in order to transfer public research methodology and produce results close to SMEs’ priorities and requirements. The research activities of TRIPODE will be focused on certain lines close to SMEs’ requirements and of a huge replicability, organised as follows:
  • A Strategic Plan SORGENTE – Organic Semiconductors and related emergent Technologies;
  • A Research Project ReLIGHT – Research for LIGHT (lighting and sunlight);
  • A Training Project PROTEO-ReLIGHT: designers and technicians, experts in Organic Electronic, with an innovative technologist’s profile;
  • A Research Project SMARTAGS – SMART application for organic TAGS;
  • A Training Project PROTEO-SMARTAGS: designers and technicians, experts in Organic Electronic, with the profile of technologies’ integrator.

More details to be funded at http://www.tripode.eu


Warrant Group S.r.l. is a privately held consultancy services company that provides integrated and specialized consulting at all stages of business development. Warrant Group has been active since 1995, growing over the years to become a leader in its sector today. Its mission is to assist companies in defining strategies and essential condition for growth through management consulting and search for added-value solutions. In particular, the European Funding Division (EFD) of Warrant Group offers methodological and strategic consultancy for approach and participation in European Research and Innovation Funding Opportunities, as well as in the preparation, negotiation and management of European Proposal, particularly on the calls launched by HORIZON 2020.